CERIC Webinar #1: Making Sense of Career Transitions Through the Theory of Work Adjustment

Although it is now common and accepted that people will change jobs multiple times throughout their career, within society there remains this drive to be “one and done” by securing a life-long position. Given this drive, when individuals find themselves in a career transition, it can sometimes feel as if they are not doing what they are “supposed” to do, creating anxiety and self-doubt. The Theory of Work Adjustment can help address this disconnection by providing insight into how individuals reach and engage in career transitions. Importantly, the Theory of Work Adjustment goes beyond looking at the role of the individual situation in career transitions, and integrates the influence of the workplace. The result is a more comprehensive understanding of career transitions

Why You Should Attend

In this free webinar, Jon will introduce the Theory of Work Adjustment with a focus on how practitioners can use this approach to help clients understand their career transitions.

Webinar Learnings:

  • A general understanding of the Theory of Work Adjustment
  • Insight into how individuals engage in career transitions
  • The influence of the workplace (employers) on career transitions
  • The intersection between individuals and the workplace (employers) in facilitating career transitions
  • Beginning ideas in using the Theory of Work Adjustment with clients

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