CERIC Webinar #4: Psychology of Working Theory: A Transformative Approach to Work and Caree

Psychology of Working Theory (PWT) provides an inclusive and critical view of work and career that is uniquely suited for our uncertain era. The PWT advocates for a more seamless approach to understanding work, arguing that contemporary approaches to counselling and research need to embrace the intersection of work, social identities, ability/disability status and mental health.

Why You Should Attend

In this free webinar, David L. Blustein will share an overview of the Psychology of Working Theory and present the cutting-edge implications for practice and systems change. The implications of the changing workforce, as detailed in his recently published book The Importance of Work in an Age of Uncertainty: The Eroding Work Experience in America will also be reviewed as an illustration of psychology of working theory in relation to real-world problems. This free webinar is of value to anyone interested in work and career, including but not limited to career and mental health counsellors; career development specialists; career coaches; educators; vocational and counselling psychologists.

Webinar Learnings:

  • Major assumptions and tenets of psychology of working theory
  • Theoretical framework underlying the psychological study of working
  • Relationship between work and non-work roles
  • The fundamental human needs that working has the potential to fulfill
  • Applications of psychology of working theory to counselling practice
  • Applications of psychology of working theory to systemic change
  • Major conclusions from The Importance of Work in an Age of Uncertainty

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