CERIC Webinar #2: An Adaptive Decision-making Approach to Career Counselling

Time is an important consideration in an individual’s career development. Our life path and everything that goes into it play a role in the development of personal projects which then, through their success, failure or interruption, reshape our developmental history. At every phase of our lives (past, present and future), we are continually applying adjustment strategies to the various facets of our lives. The extent to which these strategies help us adapt can vary. The tensions can be biographical (life path, personal projects) or interactional (context forces, adjustment strategies) in nature, but at the centre of them is an individual who is endeavouring to meet their needs.

Why You Should Attend

In this free webinar, Louis Cournoyer will present a career counselling concept based on the adaptive decision-making model. Participants will learn about the many significant aspects of how a career decision is made and will discover a method of initial and ongoing evaluation and intervention geared to clients’ needs.

Webinar Learnings:

  • How individuals process information about themselves and make adjustments to their interpersonal and social systems that help them adapt, with varying degrees of success.
  • Which basic needs, affective needs in particular, are central to a person’s motivations for change.
  • How personal projects influence and shape a life path.
  • Which context force adjustment strategies are in play between self-regulation and self‑protection mechanisms.

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