About DEAM

The CEFN is proud to celebrate Disability Employment Awareness Month every October.  It is important to us to recognize and celebrate the outstanding inclusive employers and diverse employees that we work with.  Our DEAM 2019 events wouldn’t have been possible without our fantastic community partners.  We’d like to thank the following DEAM 2020 partners for their commitment to inclusive workplaces: Government of Alberta – Ministry of Community and Social ServicesPan Disability Connection, EmployUs YQL, City of Calgary

 With thanks to our generous DEAM 2019 sponsors

DEAM 2020 is being celebrated across the province, offering a full month of events and activities to celebrate the month of DEAM and create awareness surrounding disability employment across Alberta and beyond.  Take a look at the calendar of events and register for each below



  • October 1st ALL DAY: ATB Building in Edmonton lit up in Red for DEAM!


  • October 6th @ 2-3:00 pm: Resiliency and Creativity; Inclusion as a Workforce Strategy- Employer and Self-Advocate panel members meet to discuss inclusive employment. This event will be live streamed, link to come.




  • October 13th ALL DAY: Highlevel Bridge in Edmonton to be lit up in Red for DEAM!



  • October 20th @ 1-2:15: DEAM Business Champions Network Panel Discussion


  • October 20th @ 10-11:00 am: MentorAbility Industry Information Session featuring the Deerfoot Inn and Casino on Careers in Hospitality



  • October 22nd @ 3-5:00 pm: 2020 Annual DEAM Employer Awards Gala





DEAM 2019 Event Highlights

City of Calgary DEAM Proclamation

In partnership with the City of Calgary


DEAMWorx Conference: The Future of Inclusive Work

In partnership with Prospect Human Services and Alberta Works

#DEAMEmployer Awards

Inclusive Employment wouldn’t be possible without the incredible employers who champion diversity in their workplaces.  On October 23rd we had the pleasure of awarding 6 employers with DEAM Employer Awards. Congratulations to our 2019 DEAM Employer Award Winners and this year’s fantastic nominees!

2020 Nominations are now open – to nominate a Calgary Employer please fill out a nomation here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1rxa43jjNd0UAYOCRBMgsXnflSw_QJ2yi13-qZnqAlQ4/viewform?ts=5f0de2e9&edit_requested=true&fbclid=IwAR0H7wEkEuZwrVf5rD_8ujKFk6vXQK7Wxe-XPxY19ywvrTnI-pi3ybgAt6c


DEAM Resources

We want to spread the important message that a strong workforce is one inclusive of the skills and talents of everyone, including individuals with disabilities. Check out our DEAM Resources below to celebrate #DEAM in your region.
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Employment Inclusion Fact Sheet



#DEAM Social Media Campaign

What is your #DEAMjob? If you’re an inclusive employer, tell us about your #DEAMemployee of the month. If you’re an employment service provider, tell us about your #DEAMteam. Tweet us @YYCEFN.

DEAM 2020 Partnership

Disability Employment Awareness Month is a great time to collaborate with new partners! If you’re interested in hosting an event or partnering with the CEFN, connect with us here.