October is Disability Employment Awareness Month (DEAM)

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Naina's Kitchen


Our Disability Employment Awareness Month employee is our dishwasher. He takes his role very seriously and puts his all into everything he does. He’s a valued employee!

Game Developer

DEAM employee

My DEAM job would be working as a game developer using my education to create a fun experience for everyone.

Calgary Stampede

Moise C.

Our DEAM employee is Mosie C. Mosie was a pleasure to work with and had a smile that made all the staff enjoy coming to work with him.  We put him into a very busy and fast paced environment which challenges all workers and Mosie certainly seemed to enjoy the experience.  He worked well with his team and did his best to keep up with all the clearing duties he had assigned to him. One of the bartenders he worked with had the following to say about Mosie:

“He was a hard worker and was ALWAYS positive. He was able to bring a smile to my face as well as any customers he encountered.” – Brenna Kobayashi

Showcase My Ability

DEAM employee

My DEAM job is to work for a company where I can be around good people that look past my disability.

Respected and Contribute

DEAM employee

A job where I am respected and can contribute.

Make Others Happy

DEAM employee

To make others happy.

Real Canadian Superstore

Front End

Our DEAM employee is Amanda. She works in our Front End as a til cleaner. She is conscientious and very diligent in her job. She always has a smile and is willing to help how ever she can.

Empower Others

DEAM employee

My DEAM job is empowering others to create their way into joy!

Economic Worth

DEAM employee

My DEAM job is to work with people to help them gain economic worth.

Who I Am

DEAM employee

A DEAM job is one where I can show everyone who I truly am.

London Drugs

Our DEAM employee is helps our team by putting product out on the shelf and by offering our customers assistance while they are shopping.  She loves helping customers, she is always so eager to assist them to the product they are looking for or ask for assistance using our 2 way radios.  Thank you for all your hard work and for always brightening up our day.


My DEAM job is to use my training and skills to become an auto mechanic.

Ministry Position

DEAM employee

My DEAM job is to work in a ministry position where I can use my experiences and degree to help others overseas.


DEAM employee

My DEAM job is to help build a better Canada by working in the environmental services industry.

The City of Calgary

Richard Sherrif

With help from The City of Calgary’s HR team, I was able to improve my job interview skills to land my DEAM job!  I am now an Intermediate Development Technologist with The City of Calgary’s Water Resources team.  I review engineering drawings on behalf of The City and have been able to educate staff on how to work with deaf employees.


DEAM employee

My DEAM job is where there is respect for people with disabilities and where staff is encouraged to hire people with disabilities.

Vecova Bottle Depot

Team Member

As the manager of the Vecova Bottle Depot we hired our DEAM employee as a short term employee as part of a summer project. We had a need to deal with the annual increase in volume, and thought that hiring some young adults with disabilities would  meet our needs and allow some people to obtain skills and abilities that would help them become more employable down the road. He has decided to stay on as an employee in the bottle depot. He has developed skills, confidence and is motivated, and we consider him to be a valued team member.

Police Officer

My DEAM job is to become a Police Officer.

Travel Writer

DEAM employee

My DEAM job is to become a travel writer specializing in Europe following the footsteps of the legendary Arthur Frommer and Rick Steves.

Airport Terminal Services

Special Services

Our DEAM employee is a member of our Special Services team here at ATS, providing assistance to others who are also faced with challenges and disabilities. Her friendly attitude, previous experience and overall care help to provide our customers with the best travel experience and make for a welcome work environment. She is well liked by all and we appreciate having her on our team!


DEAM employee

A job where I am noticed for my ideas and creativity

CDI College

Kristina has really fit in well to our organization.  She is eager to learn and to serve – two great qualities for a new employee!  Within two weeks of being here she was proposing changes to corporate forms and processes that would lessen paperwork and increase communications and efficiency!!

Gateway Association

Our DEAM job has a purpose and a place to go each day where people are valued and can grow.

A Voice

DEAM employer

My DEAM job is giving people a voice.

Software Designer

DEAM employee

My DEAM job is to work as a software developer.

Software Designer

DEAM employee

My DEAM job is to work as a software developer.


DEAM employee

My DEAM job is to be a heavy duty equipment operator.

Gym Owner

DEAM employer

My DEAM job is to be an owner and manager of a gym on a nice lake out in BC! Rent Ski-dos too!

Ramatek Inc.

Jessica Dempsey

Jessica came to work at Ramatek 4yrs ago. She was hired as a Laboratory Technician in training. She was taught to set up and calibrate a number of instruments, namely Atomic Emission Spectrometer, Fourier Transform Infra Red Spectrometer, Viscometer, pH Meter, Potentiometric Titrator, Moisture Titrator, and Pentane Insolubles Meter. These instruments are used to analyse fluids for wear metals and contaminants and physical condition of the fluid. From this we are able to determine the condition of the machinery from which the fluid is sampled. Jessica progressed to testing our customer’s samples.

After passing through the training period she was subjected to a very comprehensive Qualification Test, consisting of 50 questions with multiple choice answers and 5 practical tests setting up the instruments. Jessica passed with a score of 100%. She is the first person I have ever administered the test to that has scored maximum points. She proudly displays her certificate of qualification, which was presented to her at a special ceremony at DDRC.

Jessica, who has epilepsy and subject to seizures, was a rather shy person when she first came to Ramatek. However, as she learned to master the tasks presented to her she has developed into a confident young lady who loves to come to work each day and is an asset to our company. I personally have found working with Jessica a very rewarding experience.

David Crutcher



Cheryl has been her own CEO since 2007. She is a dedicated worker. She enjoys her job very much and gives all she has. She knows when her delivers come and she can’t wait to open her Avon order and delivered to her customers. Cheryl is always looking for new customers.

Between Friends


Annette O. is the type of person who strives for what she wants, and finding a job was at the top of her list. Annette devoted herself to career exploration at worked hard for over a year to identify and find a job which would fit her values and strong work ethic, all she needed was someone to give her an opportunity. Over time and after many resumes sent Annette began to take matters into her own hands by reaching out to places where she felt her skills and values would match the employer’s, if not for employment then volunteering. After meeting the managers at Between Friends and finding out more about the program Annette decided this was the place for her and that she wanted nothing more than to give her time to this agency to support people and gain volunteer experience. After meeting Annette and witnessing her passion and motivation firsthand the managers at Between Friends offered her the chance to volunteer for a few months until she was able to become trained for an aide position supporting people with disabilities. Annette completed training on her own and is thrilled to be starting paid employment in her new position at Between Friends.

Communications Manager

My DEAM job is to become a Marketing or Communications Manager for a large B2C Company.


DEAM employee

My DEAM job is one where I can make others’ dreams come true

The Home Depot

Lot Associate

Our DEAM employee is our lot associate, who has been doing outstanding job in his department since day one. His awards speaks volumes about his performance. In a very short time he was  awarded ‘Customer Service All Star’ for the first quarter and  also has two ‘Associate of the Month’  homer awards to his name. We would like to thank our DEAM employee for taking care of our customers and providing excellent customer service.

Ice Cream

DEAM employee

My DEAM job is to be an ice cream taste tester!

EB Games

DEAM employee

My DEAM job is to work for ebgames

Willow & Whimsy

We hired our DEAM employee almost a year ago and we can’t imagine our little shop without her as a part of our team! She brings such light and joy to everything she does, she is quick-witted and funny and genuinely enjoys her work. We love having her here- she knows exactly what to do and how to do things, she is kind and she truly loves flowers.

Work With Customers

London Drugs DEAM employee

My DEAM job is at London Drugs. I do enjoy it! I can get to work and get to know my boss and co-workers. I am taught social skills, and if I have a problem, I can use coping skills that I’ve learned at work. When I work with customers, they feel like friends.

Employment Counsellor

Kelly Nadeau

To obtain an opportunity to continue my career path as an Employment Counsellor/Employment Placement Specialist who has specialized in supporting people who face barriers due to differences in abilities to become successfully employed in a position that fits their needs!