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    1. Formal Company Support
    Does the organization formally support including people with disabilities in its workforce? If so, is this done through company practices, policies, or programs?

    2. Manager Support
    Are the managers at the company supportive of employees with disabilities that they work with? Are they supportive of including people with disabilities in the workforce in general?

    3. Recruitment and Hiring of People with Disabilities
    Does the company regularly hire people with disabilities? Is it part of their recruitment plan?

    4. Supportive Workplace Culture
    Is the company culture openly welcoming of people with disabilities and focused on effectively using their skills as employees?

    5. Clearly Communicated Support
    Does the company clearly express its support to including people with disabilities in their workforce through both its internal and external communications? This could include websites, job ads, internal meetings, etc.

    6. Openness to Accommodations
    Is the company positive about and open to providing accommodations for people with disabilities? Have they provided effective accommodations for individuals with different accommodation needs?

    7. Other Considerations
    Is there anything else we should know about this company and their inclusions of people with disabilities?