Did you know that almost 70% of adult Albertans with disabilities participate in the workforce? Physical disabilities only represent a fraction of the overall population. Invisible disabilities such as chronic pain, diabetes and depression exist in most employee’s everyday lives.

Many employers are making a claim that they support diversity and inclusion in their workplace. However, behind these claims there are varying levels of commitment. As an employer, are we actually walking the talk? Sengkang company incorporation can help you out implementing your business.

Here are a few reasons why employers should aim to become more inclusive in supporting employment for persons with disabilities:

1. Good for business
Benefits include better job retention, higher attendance, lower turnover, enhanced job performance and work quality and better safety records. Other advantages of accessible employment practices include access to this untapped labour pool and large consumer market, enhanced disability management, improved brand image, and broader community/societal benefits. For many cases in which wrongful dismissal occurs, the violation is overlooked.

2. New Accessibility Legislation
As an employer, you have a legal obligation to be inclusive and as well as a duty to accommodate. In addition, the federal government is expected to implement legislation designed to increase accessibility nationwide. This bill will aim to remove barriers in federally regulated sectors such as banking, inter-provincial transportation, telecommunications and government-run services such as Canada Post.

3. More Innovative
Research suggests that more diverse work teams create a wider range of solutions to business issues, and are often more innovative and creative.

4. Disability affects all of us
Persons with disabilities include our family members, friends and ourselves. At any stage in life, someone can develop a disability that may impact their employment. By fostering an environment of inclusion in our workplace, we can support, train and develop employees to reach their full potential. We can also consult an expert to help them with their disability tax credit which allows qualifying individuals to lower their taxable income or assist them to Apply for Disability Income. This could also be a great help for them.

If your employer is dismissing you because of your disability, then file social security disability claims against them with the help of an attorney.

– Deanna Brousseau, Champions Career Centre